Make USB Bootable

0.Mount the ISO
1.Insert the USB flash drive into a computer running the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.
2.Open a command prompt.
3.In the command prompt window type diskpart
4.Type list disk
5.Make note of the drive number representing your USB drive.
6.Type select disk <#> where <#> is the number of the USB drive discovered above.
7.Type clean
8.Type create partition primary
9.Type select partition 1
10.Type active
11.Type format fs=fat32 quick
12.Type assign
13.Type list volume
14.Make note of the drive letter representing your USB drive and the CD or DVD drive.
15.Type exit
16.Close the command prompt window
17.Open Windows Explorer and copy the entire contents of the ISO to the flash drive.

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Buffalo Terastation / Livestation backup over internet. (novpn)

Here are some quick instructions on how to backup a Buffalo Terastation and / or livestation to one or the other via the internet with out the need for vpn. I do not recommend doing this with sensitive information. And I also recommend setting up a backup password on the Destination folder. You can also choose encrypt backup to improve security.

1) On the source ts/ls create a new share. Example: “Media”
2) On the destination create a new share with the same name. Also check the ‘Disk Backup’ option.
– Set a complex backup password.
3) Login to the Destination Firewall / Router. Setup NAT / port forwarding for the Destination TS/LS. You will need to forward ports TCP 873 and TCP 22939 to the inside ip address for the Destination TS/LS.
4) On the Source TS/LS. System -> Backup -> View NAS Devices -> Off Subnet TS/LS -> type in the external ip address for the destination network. Click Add.
5) on the source TS/LS. Type in the complex password you set for the ‘Password to Search’
6) Create a Backup job. (I prefer differential) and the offsite NAS will show up as a destination option.

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