Surface Pro 3. Use SD for Dropbox + Onedrive + other cloud sync tools

I finally received the wife’s approval to get a surface pro 3. So before she could change her mind, I picked one up. I picked a 256GB i5 since they have microSD slots for additional storage. So I hooked up everything and put in my large memory card. Attempted to set the sync folder up for the sd slot, no good. Error, can not use external drive for sync storage location. After looking through some settings and reading some hacks, I figured there’s got to be a better way. And there is.

Here’s how to do it.
1) Prep the drive. It must be formatted to NTFS. Do not assign it a letter.
2) Create a new folder on your C Drive. I called mine data. c:\data keep it an empty folder.
3) Go to computer management -> Disk Management -> Right click on the removable disk’s partition and choose “Change Drive letter and Paths” -> Click Add -> Mount in the following empty NTFS Folder “C:\data” This is the location for the blank folder you create in step 2. -> Ok
4) You can now sync to your microsd card using the folder path in step 2 as your target.

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kreyos battery life after 1st charge.

I put on the watch for all day 8/21, 8/22. In the morning of 8/23, I received a text displaying battery is low and to charge it. The steps that get recorded on the watch are consistently higher then the flex by about 10%. I was able to get the watch to re pair to the windows phone after a lot of random troubleshooting.

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